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Hunger Games - Stamp by DeathSoofUchiha The Powerpuff Girls Stamp by dA--bogeyman Liara Stamp by IndigoWolfe Klayton IS Celldweller stamp by dazza1008 :thumb186679644: Celldweller Stamp by dazza1008 Stamp: Blue Stahli 2 by Araktugage R.I.P Owen Hart Stamp by laprasking I like red and black. Stamp~ by Fuyuriashi Bully stamp by 5-3-10-4 Mass Effect Stamp: N7 by Cokomon Geth Stamp by InsanityWolf Tali Stamp by IndigoWolfe The Illusive Man Stamp by justdacat :thumb181890732: Characters - Javik by necromantress-stamps Liara Stamp 4 by devtardi Saints Row The Third Stamp by badtrane Saints Row 2 Stamp by LoudNoises Mass Effect Stamp: Chakwas by Karithina Hell's Kitchen Stamp by Krisderp Tomato box fairy stamp by Julesie ::We Love LayCool Stamp:: by MistressHarper DUH, WINNING by kydragon Karmin Stamp by Drawing-Stars-02 COPS by phantom OOMPH by Mellow-Stamps OOMPH: Dero Stamp by Airenu-ish OOMPH: Crap Stamp by Airenu-ish OOMPH: Flux Stamp by Airenu-ish Oomph's fan stamp by My-Black-WidoW Music in German by lauratheyoshi Hadouken Stamp by Cielface William Support Stamp by BelievingIsSeeing Aelita Support Stamp by BelievingIsSeeing C.L. JxA Two Worlds Stamp by BelievingIsSeeing Jim Morales Stamp by KleeAStrange I'd rather not talk about it stamp by BelievingIsSeeing pro Xana stamp by Knuxphntm Code Lyoko Evolution: Aelita Energy Field Stamp by BelievingIsSeeing I ship OddSissi Stamp by Blueyedblonde :thumb168320549: MSI Stamp 2 by JetProwerTheFox Innerpartysystem Stamp by freckledoe 2girls1cupSurvivor by MyMetaverse The Shield Stamp by kydragon BURN by mayki1000 :thumb382073684: Leona lewis Fan by jackroono Julien-K Stamp by MajinPat Breaking Benjamin stamp by sixthkidfromthestarz :thumb76760367: Breaking Benjamin - Stamp by BreakingSasuke Paramour by alexskyline Korn by Wearwolfaa Korn - Freak on a leash stamp by fraser0206 Jonathan Davis Stamp by NowellsStamps J Devil stamp by GLaDOS-Woody Disney Dramatic Stitch Stamp by TwilightProwler Brutal Metal by alaska-is-a-husky Katy Perry Firework Stamp by MegaPaperGirl Katy Perry Stamp 4 Animated by Dekaff Blinx Stamp 5 by Sonic12309 Megatron Fan - stamp by TwinTwosGirl Agent Smith stamp by Bourbons3 Neo x Trinity Stamp by AutumnEmbers XBOX by phantom XBOX 360 Stamp by thalosK Xbox User Stamp by ewotion :thumb269998379: That '70s show stamp by Melomonster MYAAH! by Dragongirl269

Ass Kicking by Pikawonder


Just decided to create a quick list of people I use as references for some of my OCs.... mostly my Wrestling OCs
Last Updated 9/24/15

Stacey Austin: Laura Dennis (Cherry Bomb)
Lacey Laree Leeland: April Jeanette Brooks (WWE's AJ Lee), Olivia Thirlby
Joanne Xavier (JoJo Cross/JoNessa): Seleziya Sparx, Celeste Bonin
Marietta Buchanan: Yasmin Benoit, Joseann Offerman
Chelsea Thornton: Laura Wells
Kelly Gervais: Jamie Szantyr (Talia Madison/ TNA's Velvet Sky)
Alyssa Waterman (Skye Walker): n/A
Melissa Erikson (M3L Erikson/Miss Erikson/Kaitlin Miller): Trish Stratus; Cosma Shiva Hagen
Angelo Azaria: Bryan Kelly (WWE's Byron Saxton)
Ami Lea Dawson: Živilė Raudonienė (Formerly WWE's Aksana)
Jocelyn Ross: Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina Cohen-Chang from GLEE)
Victoria Baldwin (Vixxen Foxboro): Valary Sanders
Liliana Vachon: Nicole Raczynski (Nikki Roxx/TNA's Roxxi)
Ulysses Maravich: Jessie Godderz
Yvonne Kleinmann: Anna Bogomazova (Formerly NXT Wrestling's Anya)
Mackensie Yuengling (Mac Carson/Devon Deville): Scarlett Bordeaux
Torrie Gustafsson: Beth Carolan (Formerly WWE's Beth Phoenix)
Nina Raines: Gina Carano
Jessica Mendes (Ofelia Alva): Karlee Leilani Perez
Ivanna Tamashevska: Milla Jovovich
Angelique "Angel" Deschamps: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley; Natalie "Eva" Marie Nelson
Carly West: Kacy Anne Hill, Barbie Blank (Formerly WWE's Kelly Kelly)
Sally Hennigan: Jenna Morasca
Amber Erikson: Melina Perez
Kenneth Dalton: Ryan Nemeth (Formerly NXT Wrestling's Briley Pierce)
Anita De Rienzi: Carly Rae Jepsen
Damian Xavier: Adam Levine
Clyde Austin: Jonah Hill
Joseph Montezuma Xavier Rodriguez (Zuma Rodriguez): Alexandre Freitas (OVW's Alex Silva)
Jacklynn Eliza Xavier Rodriguez: Blanca Soto; Megan Fox
Aubrey Bischoff: Lizzy Caplan
Shantelle Bischoff: Eliza Dushku
Caroline Erikson-Roode: Sofia Boutella
Eugene Hutter: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Dalton Castle

Saints Row
Laina Renee Rosenhaus: Ashley Graham ; Eve Marie Torres
Ako: Yuriko Shiratori
Katya: Lee Chaelin (CL from 2NE1)

Ibiza Lewis: Emily Browning

Mass Effect
Elise Shepard: Maggie Q
Inarra Iglesias: Milla Jovovich (Face Only)
Linee'Oraii vas Rayya: Beth Carolan (Formerly WWE's Beth Phoenix) (Face Only)
Alejandra Dos Casas: Cris "Cyborg" Santos
Janelle Patel: Nicole Scherzinger
Jenni Carter : 
Zaia A'villi: Katy Perry (Face Only)

Elmira Brynstone/Wreckage: Brie Larson

Doctor Who
Fiona Remington: Rana McAnear

Code Lyoko Evolution
Svetlana Aleksandrova: <none>
Ibiza Lewis: Over + Underachiever by neXXXusTheUber
Ibiza Lewis: Over + Underachiever
I haven't drew my Bully OC Ibiza in quite a few years, so I decided to kind of update her look and make her look more like an actual student while still looking older than what she actually is. For those who don't know, Ibiza is more or less a prodigy with her own set of problems that has taken the better of her academic career.
Ako Tsuburaya: The Fangirl by neXXXusTheUber
Ako Tsuburaya: The Fangirl
*i only just came up with a last name for her...yay!*

I first shown this on well as Twitter, but that's another thing. This is a character I have wanted to draw for a while, but never could really get her face right...until now.

At the age of 16, Ako was found on the streets of Stilwater by Carlos Mendoza, who later took her to the Saints hideout as means of shelter. After Carlos' death, she became eager to join the Third Street Saints, but the boss was reluctant on letting a juvenile into the ranks. She mostly lived under the protection of the Saints until the age of 19 (during the events of Saints Row: The Third), when she finally undergone canonization.

Also: Yes, that is a NyteBlayde T-Shirt, as it is her favorite show after all.


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- JoJo Cross (formerly JoNessa)
JoNessa by slishy JoNessa by Neurotic-Idealist JoNessa by BubblyPunkBitch .:JoNessa:. by AaronAZZAbrown .:Commish JoNessa:. by KymmieCup :thumb294589681: :JoNessa: by BubblyPunkBitch PinUp Series: Jonessa by SidTheKid ::Commission- Jonessa:: by Ksterstone JoNessa by kingdomheartsfangirl Summer Skin:  JoNessa by BubblyPunkBitch JoNessa for neXXXusTheUber by PinkHeart-Manoon .:The Cruiserweight Queen:. by Neurotic-Idealist :thumb316989180: .:JoNessa Contest Entry:. by Neurotic-Idealist .:JoNessa Stamp:. by MistressHarper +Jonessa+ by Ksterstone CE: JoNessa Outfit by BubblyPunkBitch JoNessa by Lohrack JoNessa .:Request:. by Saiyen-Girl JoNessa by m00nstonee PRZ: JoNessa by BellaRayne CP: JoNessa by BubblyPunkBitch Commission: neXXXusTheUber, JoNessa by KamenRiderReaper Contest Prize: JoNessa by astrozombie50 JoNessa Chibi by AaronAZZAbrown OC Outfit Switch: JoNessa by BubblyPunkBitch CP: Chibi JoNessa by BubblyPunkBitch JoNessa by Loves-Chihuahuas Summer Skin: JoNessa by BubblyPunkBitch Jonessa (request) by Graphite-Scribble JoJo Cross Point Comission by Setsuyami

- Kelly Gervais
.:Kelly Gervais:. by Neurotic-Idealist Kelly by AaronAZZAbrown Kelly Gervais by slishy :Kelly Gervais: by BubblyPunkBitch .:Kelly Gervais:. by Neurotic-Idealist .:Making The Other Girls Cry:. by MistressHarper Contest Prize: Kelly Gervais Manip by SidTheKid OC Outfit Switch: Kelly by BubblyPunkBitch .:Kelly Gervais Stamp:. by MistressHarper Sketch: Kelly Gervais by BubblyPunkBitch Summer Skin: Kelly by BubblyPunkBitch Kelly Gervias by peach-of-crazyness .:Kelly Gervais:. by Saiyen-Girl Prize: Envy Lineart by Neurotic-Idealist

- Lacey Laree Leeland
Triple L by BubblyPunkBitch :Lacey Leeland: by BubblyPunkBitch Lacey Laree Leeland Wallpaper by Neurotic-Idealist Lacey Leeland by m00nstonee .:Lacey Laree Leeland: Lines:. by AaronAZZAbrown .:Lacey Laree Leeland:. by Neurotic-Idealist Outfit Switch: Lacey by BubblyPunkBitch Lacey Leeland Line Art Coloring by BubblyPunkBitch PRZ: Lacey Laree Leeland by BellaRayne .:Lacey Laree Leeland:. by Plaidstars101 Day 8 by BubblyPunkBitch

- Stacey Austin
Stacey Austin by m00nstonee CP: Stacey Austin by BubblyPunkBitch .:Stacey Austin:. by Neurotic-Idealist Stacey Austin Chibi by AaronAZZAbrown COM: Stacey Austin by BellaRayne

- Carly West
Live the revolution: WWE' 13 Carly West by AaronAZZAbrown .:Carly West:. by Neurotic-Idealist Art Trade 1: Carly West by xxZombieHotKillaxx .:Carly West Banner:. by Neurotic-Idealist Art Trade: The Wild One by missRKO12 Art Trade: Carly West by LaceyLaLa Carly - Real Wild One by JadedIceStorm Art Trade 2: Carly West by xxZombieHotKillaxx Carly West Render by xxZombieHotKillaxx .:.Carly West.:. by BubblyPunkBitch WWE '12 Carly West by LaceyLaLa Carly West Wallpaper by LaceyLaLa :Carly West: by ScarletMathew Carly by m00nstonee .:Make Way For The Wild Child:. by MistressHarper

- Angelo Azaria
Angelo Azaria by m00nstonee .:Highest Level of Redefinement:. by MistressHarper Angelo Azaria by m00nstonee Angelo Icon by m00nstonee .:Angelo Azaria:. by AaronAZZAbrown COM: Angelo Azaria by BellaRayne Day 12 by BubblyPunkBitch

- Skye Walker
:Skye Walker: by BubblyPunkBitch Skye So Gorgeous by JadedIceStorm Request for NeXXXusTheuber by PinkHeart-Manoon COM: Skye Walker by BellaRayne 5th Day of Christmas by BubblyPunkBitch OCs: Skye Lineart by BellaRayne

- Melissa Erikson/Miss Erikson/Madame Melissa
.:Melissa Erikson:. by Neurotic-Idealist Melissa Erikson by LaceyLaLa :CP: Melissa Erikson: by BubblyPunkBitch .:Think You Can Take Me On:. by Neurotic-Idealist .:Little Miss Perfect:. by Neurotic-Idealist Summer Skin: Miss Erikson by BubblyPunkBitch Melissa by sayaketsu Knockouts Calendar Project: Madame Melissa Erikson by Neurotic-Idealist :Melissa badge: by Ksterstone

- Ivanna
:Ivanna: by BubblyPunkBitch Contest Prize: Ivanna Manip by SidTheKid

- Torrie Gustafsson
:Torrie: by BubblyPunkBitch Anime Diva by BubblyPunkBitch Corset Torrie by BubblyPunkBitch Are You Ready for Some Footbal by BubblyPunkBitch Anime Torrie by BubblyPunkBitch Bikini Torrie by BubblyPunkBitch Torrie by BubblyPunkBitch Picture Time by BubblyPunkBitch Sweet Treats 2 by BubblyPunkBitch Bikini Torrie by BubblyPunkBitch Denim Torrie by BubblyPunkBitch Suspender Torrie by BubblyPunkBitch Goth Torrie by BubblyPunkBitch Realistic Torrie by BubblyPunkBitch Pac-Man Shirt by BubblyPunkBitch Torrie by m00nstonee Torrie by m00nstonee

- Jessica Mendes/Ofelia Alva
:Jessica: by BubblyPunkBitch Summer Skin: Ofelia by BubblyPunkBitch Ofelia by m00nstonee

- Ami Lea Dawson
.:Ami Lea Dawson:. by AaronAZZAbrown Ami Lea Dawson by slishy Ami Lea Dawson Stamp by XTime2ShineX .:Part of the Mystery:. by MistressHarper

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:Jocelyn Ross: by BubblyPunkBitch Contest Prize: Jocelyn Manip by SidTheKid CP: Jocelyn Ross by BubblyPunkBitch .:Jocelyn Ross:. by AaronAZZAbrown

- Angel Deschamps
#RockingRed by AaronAZZAbrown Liberty Deschamps Stamp by XTime2ShineX PC: Liberty Deschamps. by Setsuyami Liberty Deschamps by m00nstonee

- Nina Raines
Nina Raines by RedBlackStripe

- Vixxen Foxboro

- Liliana Vachon
CP: Liliana Vachon by BubblyPunkBitch

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comission for nex by PinkHeart-Manoon .:Lacey+Stacey Stamp:. by MistressHarper Request: Stacey + Lacey by Nahemii

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- Starlets In America (Liberty Deschamps & TwistedKitty86 's Sapphire)
Round 1: Liberty and Sapphire vs Twisted Sisters by LaceyLaLa Round 1:Nysha and Kryshna vs. Sapphire and Liberty by BubblyPunkBitch

- Team Wild
.:Team Wild Stamp:. by MistressHarper Team Wild by m00nstonee

- Miss Erikson & Melissa Misery xxJeffHardyLoverxx 's OC )
:thumb369054071: :thumb352829401: Melissa Misery and Miss Erikson Gif by Pigletgirl

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- Joanne/JoNessa-X-Jesus/Ricardo
Art Trade: JoNessa + Ricardo by xxZombieHotKillaxx Jonessa and Ricardo by SheWolfLupin JoNessa and Ricardo Rodriguez Commission by slishy .When I look at you. by CharismasXe .:We Mean Business:. by AaronAZZAbrown

- Orlando/Angelo-X-Carly
Angelo and Carly by m00nstonee

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.:I Show My Feelings My Own Way:. by MistressHarper Couple of the Week: Kelly and Santino by BubblyPunkBitch -Kelly and Santino- by BubblyPunkBitch

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.:We Show You Old School Love:. by MistressHarper

- Skye-X-Jade
.:Your my Obsession:. by AaronAZZAbrown

- Melissa-X-Bobby
.:Erikson and Roode:. by Neurotic-Idealist


- Ibiza Lewis
Ibiza Lewis by m00nstonee CM: Ibiza Lewis by BubblyPunkBitch Bully OC Ibiza Lewis by Setsuyami COM: Ibiza Lewis by BellaRayne

Saints Row

- Laina Renee Rosenhaus
Laina Renee by m00nstonee Chibi Request Game - Laina Renee by littleblackmariah

Jet Set Radio

- Trance
Trance for NeXXXusTheUber (comission) by PinkHeart-Manoon

DC Comics

- Stratosphere/Jolene Todd


My OCs With Others:
::Sting's Fangirl:: by Ksterstone :thumb353493297: Request: Neggy and Laina by Nahemii

Other Work Done For Me:
.:Loose Cannon:. by RyanTaylorGirl Contest Prize: Heath Slater Wallpaper by SidTheKid Pink Elephants... by m00nstonee
First time I'm sharing this thing with you guys on here, and considering I'm never on here anymore....well I don't exactly know how to put it. Hello again!

Nonetheless, the current idea I have going is something of which is person is taken from the real world into an alternate dieselpunk utopia/dystopia where The Governor rules supreme. This person would be tasked by the rebellion to take on the Governor's forces, including his subordinates, all of which pose an immediate threat to our hero. Violence a plenty, with a little romance placed in as well.

The world itself will be some sort of fusion between cyberpunk and dieselpunk, with more emphasis on dieselpunk most obviously. Only main difference would be the neon lights everywhere. This idea kind of stems from a couple of old ideas I had from last year, one of which was an interpretation of Shakespeare's Hamlet within a similar universe. Nonetheless, I needed an outlet to bring this kind of world to people, and I ended up coming up with a good idea over the past month with me envisioning a fight within subway cars. From there, I'm kind of stringing ideas together and putting them into a bigger picture.

The characters will more or less be interesting. I feel as if I'm going to absolutely love writing The Governor. Sort of drawing a little inspiration from Bioware for this character (Illusive Man of course). Other than the protagonist and the antagonist, there's also a character whose cybernetic arm changes to a blade...obviously dope ass shit. I plan to populate each side with interesting side characters, because because details details.

More details will be coming in the coming weeks before I actually start this.

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