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Ass Kicking by Pikawonder


WWE Monday Night RAW
February 16th, 2015

She got the match, but not the match that she sought to receive at the end of the ordeal. She took her business to Stephanie McMahon, and all she got was a handicap match and a non-title bout against Stacey Austin at Fastlane to show for. She questioned her best friend about the stipulation and did not receive the answers she was seeking. A rage overcame her as she beat down the general manager. She stood there in shock of her own actions, only garnering little satisfaction. Her best friend sat in front of the office door, dazed and confused. What is becoming of their friendship and the force that is driving them further apart?
“I’m not doing anything regarding to tonight’s show, or Fastlane. I already feel if I do something else for someone, I’ll only get my head beat in, then I wouldn’t be so nice would I?” Lacey sat in a chair swiveled away from her desk, her cheeks in a circular motion as she chewed gum while talking to roster talent. “I’m not really the one in charge of things here. You’ll have to contact either Hunter or Stephanie. For the record, I’m not going to take any more calls after this. Goodbye sir.” She lets out a stressful sigh as she lightly tosses her phone into a pile of paperwork, laying her head down on the desk as a means to find relaxation.  The rate of gum chewing turned into a crawl as the RAW general manager closed her eyes.

“Come on, you still can’t be that mad at me,” an accented voice murmured. The person proceeded to enter the room and the first thing she did was push up the right side of Lacey’s mouth. Out of it comes a scowl to the side and open pale green eyes. “Dude, what the hell are you doing?,” Lacey questioned the person standing next to her, Carly West.

“I was checking if you were alive”

“What...the...hell... are you doing?” For a moment where was nothing but silence.

“I thought I texted you, but I already said I was sorry for last week”

“If I recall, you left me with a bloody nose. What you did was totally uncalled for, even for someone who’ve I known for some time.”

“I don’t know what the hell overcame me”

“Well you better damn sure know”

“I demanded a title match against Stacey. Sure I have a match with her at Fastlane, but is it for the Divas Championship?”

“I did what I could do. The match is what it is. You have no title shots left because of contract obligations beyond my own control, or anyone’s control for that matter. Being angry, that’s fine, but taking that garbage out on me? Now that’s a mistake you don’t wanna make, am I right?” Lacey slowly turned her head towards her friend to get a visual of her face. She remained seated at her desk however, picking up her phone among the stack of papers. With her fingers she rotated the object, her eyes still fixated on Carly. A stern look with fiery eyes upon her own face while Carly stood in front of her.

A calm demeanor, now seemingly contemplating her actions. “I guess I was out of line last week,” Carly said in a serene tone. “I was really not thinking straight when I attacked you. Perhaps all I need to do is to give Stacey a nice beating like old times at Fastlane. Speaking of old times, how about we  knock some heads off some old times?”

“A little ahead of yourself?,” Lacey said with a chuckle. “Dude, you know I don’t have my gear with me”

“Cushy desk job? Come on...I know you love the ring as much as anyone I know.”

“I was totally messing with you, dude. All you had to do was to say the word; I’ll set it up for tonight’s show since there’s still room.”

“Alright, Team Wild back in action!”. The two divas high-fived, both ecstatic to team up with one another once again.

“See you out there later, dude,” Lacey exclaimed as Carly left the office motioning a thumbs up. She proceeds to look through her contacts list on her phone with the purpose of finding opponents for an impromptu matchup.
Standing in the middle of the ring was Kenneth Dalton, the person who served as a ring announcer for Team Wild during the summer of 2013, when the team was active. Fans rejoiced the arrival of the not-so-beloved personality as he entered the ring during the entrance of Liliana along with the rest of the exotic express sans Adam Rose. Looking on with a disgusted expression was Devon Deville, who already stood in the center of the ring, only waiting for her partner and opponents. “Break Away” by CFO$ faded out once Liliana entered the ring. The third-generation NXT star is making her main roster in-ring debut on the program with the most uphill task put forth.

Kenneth Dalton stepped forth towards the center of the ring with microphone in hand. “Ladies, and Gentlemen...Boys and Girls...Children of All Ages...we welcome you to the extravaganza event a year in the making. After their stunning campaigns as champion they have since split and never competed with each other again. Now...for ONE NIGHT ONLY...THEY’RE BACK. Back together for a once in a lifetime event...the dynamic duo of...CARLY WEST...LACEY LAREE LEELAND...they are...TEAM….WWWIIILLLDDD!!!!” He took a firm step back before exiting the ring, which was when the music started playing; “Beam Me Up (Kill Mode)” by CAZZETTE. Almost unanimous fan support for two fan favorites, even though some have began to become skeptical of the one who thought to bring the duo back together in the first place. As the team usually does, Lacey comes running out from the back first as Carly follows, all smiles with arms up and fingers pointed to the roof. She twirls in a perfect 360 degree motion as Lacey spins and crouches in front of her, arms extended with her head focused towards the ground, slowly looking up with a grin upon her own face.

The two divas proceeded to walk to the ring in an upbeat demeanor. Only Carly slapped hands with the fans as Lacey walked straight towards the ropes, quickly climbing and jumping over the ropes, transitioning into a somersault. Carly mounted the turnbuckle from outside the ring while Lacey did the same inside the ring opposite her tag partner. They simultaneously pointed towards the roof before jumping off their respective turnbuckles, and then high five and bump their hips against one another.

Carly directed herself outside to allow Lacey to start the match against the recent call-up Liliana, a third generation star from the Vachon family. Referee Ami Lea Dawson calls for the timekeeper to ring the bell as the two competitors start to grapple each other. Being the taller competitor at hand, Liliana leveraged herself to wrench the arm of the former two-time Divas champion. She is all smiles as Lacey tries to gain some momentum, making a push for the ropes. Propelled forward by a shove, Liliana runs towards the set of ropes opposite her and rebounds off them. Lacey takes the wise decision to hop over her opponent and wait for her to rebound off the ropes again. She makes an attempt to arm drag her opponent, but Liliana, being one step ahead, grabs a hold of one of Lacey’s arms and sends her towards the ropes along a different plane. Headed in a new direction, Lacey hops upon the second rope and launches herself onto the 3rd generation diva, who ducks before any impact could be made. Coming off the rope herself, grounded however, Liliana prepares to tackle Lacey, who rolls through with her failed maneuver and turns around in the make of time to perform an arm drag.

Both competitors get to their feet rather quickly, leading to them looking each other in the eye. They proceed to grapple each other again, With Liliana getting the slight upper hand by forcing Lacey into a corner. “I’m giving you five to break it, Liliana”, Ami Lea said to Liliana she attempted to force a break. Liliana backed away from the corner with her hands up, only to kick her opponent’s abdomen; a cheap shot in every sense of the word. She backs from a corner with a smile on her face, giving the audience a small curtsey before turning around,unexpectedly receiving forearm shots from a relentless competitor. Lacey irish whips the exotic express member into her own corner and promptly runs into the same corner with a clothesline.

Carly taps Lacey’s shoulder, forcing a tag in the process. Liliana is brought towards the center of the ring, where she is thrown off the ropes to be taken down from under her through chops. Team Wild follows up by simultaneously dropping elbows to the chest. Carly goes for the cover and doesn’t get a count from Ami Lea, due to the fact that Liliana kicked out before she was able to count. Without giving a second for relaxation, Carly starts to hammer right fists into Liliana’s face. Ever quick to dissolve anything not by the book is Ami Lea, telling Carly to “Back the hell off” before proceeding to count. In a rare occurrence, she uses the whole count before dismounting her opponent, only to go for the cover again. Once again, Liliana kicks out before a count could be made.

Carly backs into her own corner as Liliana quickly crawls over to make a tag to the 5-foot-9 Devon Deville, arguably the strongest person in the match. A stern entrant of a makeshift team versus a relaxed competitor with little ring wear who is part of a team who has done so on occasion in the past. Devon slowly enters the ring as Carly steps out of her corner, walking rather than rushing; perhaps a tactic she uses against strikers, with Devon being more or less a bruiser. Carly is dangerous in her own right, keing the kind who could use her athletic prowess and combine that with her own striking ability to create an unorthodox offense. She is referred to as the Wild Child for many reasons, but her arsenal alone is one of the biggest reasons.

Devon goes with the elbow to start off in her favor, but misses as Carly ducked the maneuver. They both meet eye to eye, with Devon trying to strike again, with Carly dodging while delivering a kick to the knee. She continues with the kicks to the knee until she attempts a roundhouse to the chest. Devon catches the leg rather easily, allowing her to shove the Wild Child, who successfully backflips to follow up with a dropkick to the brawler. Taking advantage of a Devon Deville who has been caught off guard, Carly runs off the rope and dropkicks her again, to which she falls to the outside.

As one can anticipate, Carly prepares to dive to the outside. Knowing this, Liliana tries to attack before she could make the attempt. A forearm to the head makes the newcomer stumble below, to which there are two bodies to jump onto. Lacey enters the ring, despite not being the legal woman in the match, but with high stakes in mind. She runs off the ropes for momentum, the purpose being to perform a suicide dive in front of the announce table.  She crashes onto both Devon and Liliana, who fall against the announce table. While Cole, Booker T, and JBL distance themselves from the table, Carly positions herself with a visual of her opponents. As soon as the team got to their feet, she performed a slingshot corkscrew crossbody, pressing down on both women. The crowd responsive as ever to impressive aerial maneuvers as they are to good performers, such as Team Wild.

Being the legal woman in the match, Carly throws Devon back into the ring and goes for the cover. Ami Lea gets into position and slams her hand down, beginning her count to three. As soon as that happened, Devon kicks out of the pinfall. Carly takes a moment to catch her own breath as Devon begins to reach for the ropes. Noticing this, Carly drags her opponent back to the center and drops an elbow to her back, followed by one to her head. She later wrenches back Devon’s head while pressing her right knee down on her back.

Ami Lea asks if Devon wants to quit, to which she says “No” while trying to force her way towards the ropes. Her body bent backwards with more than 100 pounds being forced down her back. The sense of fury completely visible in Carly’s eyes. The strain becoming ever more troublesome the longer for Devon if she doesn’t force a break or break the hold herself. Her nails scraping across the canvas as she gets closer to the bottom rope. Carly wrenches back farther to apply even more pressure on the hold to ensure she gets a victory. However, Devon gets to the ropes before any further harm could be made.

Carly utilizes the full count again before breaking the hold. Wasting no time whatsoever, she picks up her fatigued competitor and chops her across the chest. She whips her into the corner across from her and walks back to Lacey, whom she back in. Carly runs from that corner while Lacey runs to the corner Carly was a moment before. A leg lariat by the Wild Child followed by double knees by the competitor who referrers to herself as “Better Than The Best.” As per usual, she follows up with a handstand on the turnbuckle and a missile dropkick to a cornered Devon Deville. As Carly runs to take out Liliana, Lacey drags Devon out of the corner and positions her on the mat, flat on her back. Jumping onto the top turnbuckle with ease and quickly performing a swanton. One could say that Team Wild made quick work of Devon Deville, as Lacey picked up the pinfall victory with little to no problem at all.

As the bell rung, Justin Roberts proceeded to announce the winners: “Here are your winners…Carly West and Lacey Laree Leeland...Team Wild!” Referee Ami Lea Dawson raised both of their arms in their quick victory in their reunion match. They both went towards the nearest turnbuckles and pointed up towards the roof while their eyes looked at the thousands of people in attendance. Once they both jumped off their respective turnbuckles, they looked each each other in the eye before they embraced. Carly laid her right hand on Lacey’s left shoulder before giving her a nod. “It was great doing this tonight,” she said to her Team Wild cohort, to which Lacey nodded as well.
As Lacey proceeded to exit the ring, she felt a hand grab a pull of her hair before being slammed to the mat. What she saw was Carly looking down at her body with disdain. The crowd stopped cheering among an assorted response of “Oh”. Carly then mounted her tag partner and started hammering away at her head with her right hand. Ami Lea rushes to the scene in an attempt to dissolve it by pulling Carly off of Lacey. She tells her “What is your deal” once she is able to dismount the Wild Child from the other half of Team Wild, wo which her award for doing so is a dropkick to the jaw. Carly continues to punch and stomp away at Lacey’s body for an extended period of time. Once she stopped beating down someone she calls her best friend, she clenched her hair; the audience with shock and awe in their faces at the events unfolding in front of their eyes.

With realization slowly setting in as the clock ticks by, Carly drags Lacey towards the center of the ring, ties her feet behind her own legs, and rolls onto the ground, turning Lacey over in the process while still conformed to her physical alignment. Carly grabs Lacey’s arms and so a maneuver that hasn’t been seen in a while is being performed in front of a live audience, a modified surfboard stretch that was once used by the likes of Natalya and Beth Phoenix. She began to pull away the limbs of Lacey Laree Leeland with the same rage in her face seen earlier during the match. Lacey began to grimace in pain, upside down with her arms being extended in a way that they shouldn’t and the blood in her body racing down to her head. More referees begin to run down the ramp in an attempt to separate the two competitors, to prevent Carly from intentionally harming her tag partner.

The screams of a courageous competitor wasn’t enough for a person that she sees as a friend to stop doing what she was doing to her. She tried to loosen the grip Carly had on her hands, but she was in a position where she could do nothing but wail out in pain. Three referees make the attempt to separate the hands and do so successfully. Lacey’s carcass makes a dirty thud on the canvas as Carly stands tall over it, staring into the cameras with fire in her eyes. The referees tell Carly West to leave the ring as they attend to a seemingly unconscious Lacey Laree Leeland. She continuously looks over her shoulder, at the fallen body as she leaves the ring. A few kids look over the barricade to give her the thumbs down while booing, with others looking on in silence. Walking backwards up the ramp, looking at the former two-time Divas Champion slowly get to her feet, using the ropes to help her gain a footing.

“What the hell just happened?,” Lacey mumbled to Ami Lea, holding on to her shoulders as a means of support. She looked around her, a swarm of referees with Carly in the distance, her eyes still focused at the squared circle. She stood there on that stage, looking at a woman she supported for years, slowly turning her back away and headed backstage.
P1: Battery
The part of the story I have been wanting to do for a long time for reasons you will know after doing so. I'm so tempted to spoil the details for a description that I want to tell everything, but I'm pretty sure I don't. I think all of it maybe a little cliche'd, but I did an okay job with this overall.

Characters: Lacey Laree Leeland, Carly West, Liliana, Devon Deville, Ami Lea Dawson
All the above characters belong to me, neXXXusTheUber
I kind of wish lucha tag rules were universal.
I may want to include more detailed details in terms of combat, but it might confuse the fuck out of people.


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First time I'm sharing this thing with you guys on here, and considering I'm never on here anymore....well I don't exactly know how to put it. Hello again!

Nonetheless, the current idea I have going is something of which is person is taken from the real world into an alternate dieselpunk utopia/dystopia where The Governor rules supreme. This person would be tasked by the rebellion to take on the Governor's forces, including his subordinates, all of which pose an immediate threat to our hero. Violence a plenty, with a little romance placed in as well.

The world itself will be some sort of fusion between cyberpunk and dieselpunk, with more emphasis on dieselpunk most obviously. Only main difference would be the neon lights everywhere. This idea kind of stems from a couple of old ideas I had from last year, one of which was an interpretation of Shakespeare's Hamlet within a similar universe. Nonetheless, I needed an outlet to bring this kind of world to people, and I ended up coming up with a good idea over the past month with me envisioning a fight within subway cars. From there, I'm kind of stringing ideas together and putting them into a bigger picture.

The characters will more or less be interesting. I feel as if I'm going to absolutely love writing The Governor. Sort of drawing a little inspiration from Bioware for this character (Illusive Man of course). Other than the protagonist and the antagonist, there's also a character whose cybernetic arm changes to a blade...obviously dope ass shit. I plan to populate each side with interesting side characters, because because details details.

More details will be coming in the coming weeks before I actually start this.

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