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Ass Kicking by Pikawonder


Lacey Laree Leeland: October 18th, 1987
Stacey Austin: July 13th, 1986
Joanne Xavier: May 31st, 1987
Carly West: October 6th, 1985
Kelly Gervais: June 22nd, 1987
Melissa Erikson:
Alyssa Watermann (Skye Walker): October 14th, 1987
Mackensie Yuengling: Devon Deville
Amelia Marie Dawson (Ami Lea Dawson): 
December 18, 1988
Chelsea Thornton: November 25th, 1994
Marietta Buchanan (Marta Sky): July 4th, 1993
Angelique Deschamps:
Ivanna Tamashevska: 
Jessica Mendes: April 15, 1991
Orlando Rivera (Angelo Azaria):
Kenneth Dalton:
Joseph Montezuma Xavier Rodriguez: March 8th, 2015
Caroline Erikson-Roode: September 14th, 2015
Into The Wild [CE] by neXXXusTheUber
Into The Wild [CE]
This is my relative first time doing something like this in Photoshop, as I usually do all my stuff in GIMP, but for the past few days, I couldn't get my own PC to work, so I had to make do with my circumstances. Of course PS is a better program and almost all the computers at school have it, but as I said, I never really work with it, so this may look half assed (even the background kind of does, even though I half ass all of them). Anyway, I wanted to enter something into Neurotic-Idealist 's contest and I wanted to get this thing finished before it ended (I mean, it really looked good when I sketched it out). 

It's a redesign of her character, Scar, who is pretty interesting to say the least. I hope you guys enjoy this as I may or may not be able to get more stuff done due to schedules and school.
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew
Joanne Xavier
[1] JoJo Cross-Independent Circuit & CMLL 2007-2008: "Shut Me Up" by Mindless self Indulgence…
[2] JoJo Cross-CMLL & FCW 2008-2009: "On It" by Mindless Self Indulgence
[3] JoNessa-FCW & WWE 2009: "No Chance In Hell" by Jim Johnston
[4] JoNessa-WWE 2009-2011: "Filth In The Beauty" by The GazettE
[5] JoNessa-WWE 2011-2012: "Cinema" (Skrillex Remix) by Benny Benassi
[6] JoNessa-WWE 2012-2013; 2014: "Close Your Eyes ('Til It's Over)" by Trust Company
[7] JoJo Cross-Independent Circuit 2013-2014: "Witness" by Mindless Self Indulgence
[8] JoJo Cross-Independent Circuit 2013-2014: "All American Nightmare" by Hinder [with Victoria McKensie ( kaltagstar96 's OC) ]

Lacey Laree Leeland
[1] Lacey Elle-Independent Circuit 2009: "Bring It (Snakes On A Plane)" by Cobra Starship
[2] Lacey-Independent Circuit 2009-2010: "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race" by Fall Out Boy
[3] Lacey Laree Leeland-Independent Circuit 2010-2011 & FCW/WWE 2011: "New Medicines" by Dead Poetic
[4] Lacey Laree Leeland-WWE 2011: "U Suck/The Awesome Truth" by Jim Johnston
[5] Lacey Laree Leeland-WWE 2011-2012: "Black or White" by Bleeding In Stereo
[6] Lacey Laree Leeland-WWE 2012: "Eon" by Celldweller
[7] Lacey Laree Leeland-WWE & NXT November 2012-Present: "Inside" by Paul Udarov and Voicians
[8] Lacey Laree Leeland-WWE 2013; 2015: "Beam Me Up (Kill Mode)" by Cazzette [Team Wild]

Stacey Austin
[1] Stacey/Stacey Austin-Independent Circuit 2009-2010: "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race" by Fall Out Boy
[2] Stacey Austin-Independent Circuit 2010-2012: "One Armed Man" by Project 86
[3] Stacey Austin-Independent Circuit 2012: "You're Going Down" by Sick Puppies
[4] Stacey Austin-Independent Circuit 2013: "America" by Deuce
[5] Stacey Austin-Independent Circuit 2013: "Way Away" by Yellowcard
[6] Stacey Austin-Independent Circuit & NXT 2013: "Trenches" by Pop Evil
[7] Stacey Austin-NXT & WWE 2013-Present: "Technical Difficulties" by Julien-K…

Chelsea Thornton 
[1] Chelsea Thornton-NXT 2015-Present: "Orpheus" by Ash

Melissa Erikson 

[1] Kaitlin Miller-SHIMMER 2007-2009; 2012: "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" by AC/DC
[2] Kaitlin Miller-SHIMMER 2009: "All The Things She Said" by t.A.t.U.
[3] Kaitlin Miller-FCW 2009: "Rise Today" by Alter Bridge
[4] Mel Erikson-WWE 2009-2011; 2016-Present: "Miss Murder" by AFI
[5] Mel Erikson-WWE 2011: "Two Lane Blacktop" by Rob Zombie
[6] Melissa Erikson/Miss Erikson/Madame Melissa Erikson-TNA & Independent Circuit 2012-2013; 2013-2014: "Don't Stop" by Innerpartysystem
[7] Madame Melissa Erikson-TNA 2013: "Night Is Alive" by Innerpartysystem
[8] Madame Meissa Erikson-TNA 2014: "Waste Of Time" by MØ
[9] Madame Meissa Erikson-TNA 2014-2015: "Cheap Talk" by Death From Above 1979

Amber Erikson 
[1] Amber Erikson-Independent Circuit 2012-2015: "Wallflower" by Divalola
[2] Amber Erikson-Independent Circuit 2015-Present: "White Knuckle Ride" by Jamiroquai 

Sally Hennigan 
[1] Sal-Independent Circuit 2015-Present: "White Knuckle Ride" by Jamiroquai

Orlando Reyes
[1] Orlando/Orlando Reyes-FCW 2010-2011: "American Trash" by Innerpartysystem…
[2] Orlando Reyes-FCW 2011: "Love Addict" by Family Force 5 [Team with Dane Rodgers]…
[3] Angelo Azaria-FCW 2011-2012: "Let The Battle Commence" by West One Music [The Ascension]…
[4] Angelo Azaria-WWE 2012-Janruary 2014: "Narcissistic Cannibal" (Ft. Skrillex & Kill the Noise) by Korn…
[5] Angelo Azaria-WWE Janruary 2014-Present: "Looking For Strange" by KMFDM

Carly West
[1] Carly West-DSW 2007: "Call On Me" by Eric Prydz
[2] Carly West-OVW & WWE 2007-2008: "Illusion" by Benny Benassi…
[3] Carly West-WWE 2009-2012: "Evacuate The Dancefloor" by Casacda…
[4] Carly West-WWE 2012: "La La Love" by Ivi Adamou…
[5] Carly West-WWE November 2012-August 2015: "Beam Me Up (Kill Mode)" by Cazzette
[6] Carly West-WWE August 2015-Present: "Trip The Darkness" by Lacuna Coil

Kelly Gervais
[1] Kelly Gervais-FCW & WWE 2009-2010: "Iced Out"
[2] Kelly Gervais-WWE 2010-2011: "Insatiable" by Jim Johnston and Pasty Grime
[3] Kelly Gervais-WWE March 2011-November 2012: "Party In My Head" by September
[4] Kelly Gervais/Envy Gervais-WWE November 2012-Present: "No Consequences" by VersaEmerge

Yvonne Kleinmann
[1] Yvonne Kleinmann-WWE 2012: "Death Blow"
[2] Yvonne Kleinmann-FCW/NXT 2012-2013:
[3] Yvonne Kleinmann-NXT 2013: "Wach auf!" by Oomph!
[4] Yvonne Kleinmann-NXT 2013-2015: "Give It Up To Me" by Shakira (ft. Lil' Wayne & Timbaland)

Derrick Soughton
[1] Ulysses Maravich-NXT 2013-2015: "Give It Up To Me" by Shakira (ft. Lil' Wayne & Timbaland)

Ivanna Tamashevska
[1] Ivanna Tamashevska/Ivanna-WCW 1999: "Wolfpack Theme/Kevin Nash Theme" by Jimmy Hart…
[2] Ivanna-WCW & WWE 2000-2003: "Chasm" by Circle Of Dust…
[3] Ivanna-WCW 2000-2001: "Buff Daddy" by Jimmy Hart [with Buff Bagwell]…
[4] Ivanna-WWE 2003-2005,2009: "Polyamorous" by Breaking Benjamin…
[5] Ivanna-WWE 2005-2006: "Destroy Everything You Touch" by Ladytron…
[6] Ivanna-TNA 2006-2007: "Siren" by Dale Oliver [with Scott Steiner]…
[7] Ivanna-TNA 2007-2008: "Right Now" by Korn…
[8] Ivanna-TNA 2008: "Godfathers" by Dale Oliver [with Main Even Mafia]…
[9] Ivanna-WWE 2009: "Pain" by Jim Johnston [with Vladimir Kozlov]…
[10] Ivanna-WWE 2009-Present: "Knock You Out" (ft. Emily Haines) by Tiesto…

Angelique Deschamps
[1] Angelique Styles-TNA 2010-2011: "Fortune Four" by Dale Oliver [with Fortune]…
[2] Angelique Styles-TNA 2010-2011: "Immortals" by Dale Oliver [with Immortal]…
[3] Angelique Styles-TNA 2011: "Hard Ebm" by Sin…
[4] Liberty Deschamps-WWE 2012: "Sleazy" by Ke$ha…
[5] Liberty Deschamps-WWE 2012-2013: "Parasite" by Hadouken!…
[6] Liberty Deschamps-WWE 2013-2014: "The Best Revenge" by Fischerspooner
[7] Angel Deschamps-WWE 2014-Present: "4 Million Ways" by General Midi

Ami Marie Dawson
[1] Annie Marie/Amilea Dawson-FCW & WWE 2010-2011: "A Girl Like That" by Eleventh Hour
[2] Amilea Dawson-WWE 2011: "Glamazon" by Jim Johnston
[3] Amilea Dawson-WWE 2012: "Destroyer" by Project 86
[4] Ami Lea Dawson-WWE & NXT 2013; Mid-Late 2013: "Where Did The Angels Go" by Papa Roach
[5] Ami Lea Dawson-NXT Mid 2013: "Feel This Way" by Zebrahead

Alyssa Yvonne Waterman
[1] Alyssa Waterman/Alexa Hightower-Independent Circuit 2008-2010
[2] Alexa Hightower-Independent Circuit 2010-2011
[3] Alexa Hightower/Skye Walker-Independent Circuit & FCW 2011-2012: "Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold
[4] Skye Walker-FCW & NXT 2012-2013: "2nd Sucks" by A Day To Remember…
[5] Skye Walker-NXT 2013: "Carve" (Blue Stahli Reprise) by Josh Money
[6] Skye Walker-WWE 2013-2014: "Special Op" by Jim Johnston
[7] Skye Walker-WWE 2014-January 2016: "I Let Go" by Eighteen Visions
[8] Skye Walker-WWE 2016-Present: "Come On" [WWE Mix] by Waterproof Blonde

Jessica Mendes
[1] Jessica Mendes/Ofelia Alva-Independent Circuit 2012-2013; 2013-Present: "Obsession" by Innerpartysystem
[2] Ofelia Alva-Independent Circuit 2012-2013: "Crank It Up" by Hadouken!
[3] Ofelia Alva-Independent Circuit 2013: "Super Psycho Love" by Simon Curtis…
[4] Jessica Mendes-Independent Circuit 2014-Present: "Don't Phunk with My Heart" by Black Eyed Peas

Kaylee Richards
[1] Kay Atomika-Independent Circuit 2008-2011: "Becoming The Bull" by Atreyu
[2] Kay Atomika/Hailee/Jocelyn Ross-FCW & WWE 2012: "Ghosts 'N' Stuff" by Deadmau5
[3] Jocelyn Ross-WWE 2012-2013: "You Make The Rain Fall" by Kevin Rudolf
[4] Jocelyn Ross-WWE 2013-Present: "X-Girlfriend" by Family Force 5

Nina Raines
[1] Nina Raines-FCW & WWE 2010-2012: "Pay The Price" by Eric and the Hostiles
[2] Nina Raines-WWE 2012-2013: "You Will Remember Me" by Jim Johnston
[3] Nina Raines-Independent Circuit 2013-2014: "Struggle" by Ringside

Mackensie Yuengling
[1] Mac Carson-FCW 2010-2011: "What Love Is" (V2)…
[2] Mackensie-FCW/NXT 2011-2013: "Until I Die" by September
[3] Devon Deville-WWE April 2013-May 2013; January 2016-Present: "Come On" (WWE Mix) by Waterproof Blonde
[4] Devon Deville-NXT & WWE 2013: "Prepare For The End" by Epic Score…
[5] Devon Deville-WWE 2013-January 2016: "Harbinger" by Damage Vault

Liliana Vachon
[1] Lily Vachon-Independent Circuit 2010-2012: "Rock That Body" by The Black Eyed Peas
[2] Liliana Vachon-NXT 2013-2015: "Promises" by Nero
[3] Liliana-WWE & NXT 2015-Present: "Break Away" by CFO$

Ayaka Takahashi
[1] Ayaka Takahashi-Japan:
[2] Ayaka Takahashi-WWE 2011-2012: 
[3] Ayaka Takahashi-Independent Circuit 2012-2014:
[4] Ayaka Takahashi-WWE 2014: "Special Op" by Jim Johnston
[5] Ayaka Takahashi-WWE 2014-Present: "Surface" by Imperative Reaction

(I'll post more themes soon)
The Fairest Of Them All by neXXXusTheUber
The Fairest Of Them All
My first actual new piece since finishing classes for the semester that features a familiar face with yet another new look. First the side and then pretty much all of it by Summerslam, but still looks sweet as fuck. Once again, I decided to draw Lacey since she is practically one of my favorite characters and the one I pretty much spend a good amount of time on and such. I mean, she now has a good half-sleeve done on her left. I may need to alter the proportions  a bit, but then again, this might be the best thing I have produced in a long time.

The attire is inspired by Big One from the the classic Tokusatsu series J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai, similarly how I based her previous attire off Ultraman.
Weekend Starlet by neXXXusTheUber
Weekend Starlet
A graduate of the Wrestle Factory, Marietta Buchanan decided to part ways with CHIKARA after one season. Taking up the name of Marta Sky for bookings, the soon-to-be second year wrestler from South Jersey began to quickly gain a fanbase and notoriety in the world of independent wrestling. Marietta herself plans to become a bigger star in the new year, seeking to get booked by some of the biggest womens promotions in North America. While one side of her life involves freelance bookings on a given weekend, the other is her life every other day of the week, including her day job. she has yet to see the line cross between the two, but how will it happen?

Marta Sky

Age: 21
Hometown: Deptford, New Jersey
Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: 123 lbs


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Triple L by BubblyPunkBitch :Lacey Leeland: by BubblyPunkBitch Lacey Laree Leeland Wallpaper by Neurotic-Idealist Lacey Leeland by m00nbutt .:Lacey Laree Leeland: Lines:. by AaronAZZAbrown .:Lacey Laree Leeland:. by Neurotic-Idealist Outfit Switch: Lacey by BubblyPunkBitch Lacey Leeland Line Art Coloring by BubblyPunkBitch PRZ: Lacey Laree Leeland by BellaRayne .:Lacey Laree Leeland:. by Plaidstars101 Day 8 by BubblyPunkBitch

- Stacey Austin
Stacey Austin by m00nbutt CP: Stacey Austin by BubblyPunkBitch .:Stacey Austin:. by Neurotic-Idealist Stacey Austin Chibi by AaronAZZAbrown COM: Stacey Austin by BellaRayne

- Carly West
Live the revolution: WWE' 13 Carly West by AaronAZZAbrown .:Carly West:. by Neurotic-Idealist Art Trade 1: Carly West by xxZombieHotKillaxx .:Carly West Banner:. by Neurotic-Idealist Art Trade: The Wild One by missRKO12 Art Trade: Carly West by LaceyLaLa Carly - Real Wild One by JadedIceStorm Art Trade 2: Carly West by xxZombieHotKillaxx Carly West Render by xxZombieHotKillaxx .:.Carly West.:. by BubblyPunkBitch WWE '12 Carly West by LaceyLaLa Carly West Wallpaper by LaceyLaLa :Carly West: by ScarletMathew Carly by m00nbutt .:Make Way For The Wild Child:. by MistressHarper

- Angelo Azaria
Angelo Azaria by m00nbutt .:Highest Level of Redefinement:. by MistressHarper Angelo Azaria by m00nbutt Angelo Icon by m00nbutt .:Angelo Azaria:. by AaronAZZAbrown COM: Angelo Azaria by BellaRayne Day 12 by BubblyPunkBitch

- Skye Walker
:Skye Walker: by BubblyPunkBitch Skye So Gorgeous by JadedIceStorm Request for NeXXXusTheuber by PinkHeart-Manoon COM: Skye Walker by BellaRayne 5th Day of Christmas by BubblyPunkBitch OCs: Skye Lineart by BellaRayne

- Melissa Erikson/Miss Erikson/Madame Melissa
.:Melissa Erikson:. by Neurotic-Idealist Melissa Erikson by LaceyLaLa :CP: Melissa Erikson: by BubblyPunkBitch .:Think You Can Take Me On:. by Neurotic-Idealist .:Little Miss Perfect:. by Neurotic-Idealist Summer Skin: Miss Erikson by BubblyPunkBitch Melissa by sayaketsu Knockouts Calendar Project: Madame Melissa Erikson by Neurotic-Idealist :Melissa badge: by Ksterstone

- Ivanna
:Ivanna: by BubblyPunkBitch Contest Prize: Ivanna Manip by SidTheKid

- Torrie Gustafsson
:Torrie: by BubblyPunkBitch Anime Diva by BubblyPunkBitch Corset Torrie by BubblyPunkBitch Are You Ready for Some Footbal by BubblyPunkBitch Anime Torrie by BubblyPunkBitch Bikini Torrie by BubblyPunkBitch Torrie by BubblyPunkBitch Picture Time by BubblyPunkBitch Sweet Treats 2 by BubblyPunkBitch Bikini Torrie by BubblyPunkBitch Denim Torrie by BubblyPunkBitch Suspender Torrie by BubblyPunkBitch Goth Torrie by BubblyPunkBitch Realistic Torrie by BubblyPunkBitch Pac-Man Shirt by BubblyPunkBitch Torrie by m00nbutt Torrie by m00nbutt

- Jessica Mendes/Ofelia Alva
:Jessica: by BubblyPunkBitch Summer Skin: Ofelia by BubblyPunkBitch Ofelia by m00nbutt

- Ami Lea Dawson
.:Ami Lea Dawson:. by AaronAZZAbrown Ami Lea Dawson by slishy Ami Lea Dawson Stamp by XTime2ShineX

- Jocelyn Ross
:Jocelyn Ross: by BubblyPunkBitch Contest Prize: Jocelyn Manip by SidTheKid CP: Jocelyn Ross by BubblyPunkBitch .:Jocelyn Ross:. by AaronAZZAbrown

- Angel Deschamps
#RockingRed by AaronAZZAbrown Liberty Deschamps Stamp by XTime2ShineX PC: Liberty Deschamps. by Setsuyami Liberty Deschamps by m00nbutt

- Nina Raines
Nina Raines by RedBlackStripe

- Vixxen Foxboro

- Liliana Vachon
CP: Liliana Vachon by BubblyPunkBitch

The Roundtable:
comission for nex by PinkHeart-Manoon .:Lacey+Stacey Stamp:. by MistressHarper Request: Stacey + Lacey by Nahemii

Teams & Stables:

- Starlets In America (Liberty Deschamps & TwistedKitty86 's Sapphire)
Round 1: Liberty and Sapphire vs Twisted Sisters by LaceyLaLa Round 1:Nysha and Kryshna vs. Sapphire and Liberty by BubblyPunkBitch

- Team Wild
.:Team Wild Stamp:. by MistressHarper Team Wild by m00nbutt

- Miss Erikson & Melissa Misery xxJeffHardyLoverxx 's OC )
:thumb369054071: :thumb352829401: Melissa Misery and Miss Erikson Gif by Pigletgirl

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- Joanne/JoNessa-X-Jesus/Ricardo
Art Trade: JoNessa + Ricardo by xxZombieHotKillaxx Jonessa and Ricardo by SheWolfLupin JoNessa and Ricardo Rodriguez Commission by slishy .When I look at you. by CharismasXe .:We Mean Business:. by AaronAZZAbrown

- Orlando/Angelo-X-Carly
Angelo and Carly by m00nbutt

- Kelly-X-Santino
.:I Show My Feelings My Own Way:. by MistressHarper Couple of the Week: Kelly and Santino by BubblyPunkBitch -Kelly and Santino- by BubblyPunkBitch

- Ivanna-X-Buff
.:We Show You Old School Love:. by MistressHarper

- Skye-X-Jade
.:Your my Obsession:. by AaronAZZAbrown

- Melissa-X-Bobby
.:Erikson and Roode:. by Neurotic-Idealist


- Ibiza Lewis
Ibiza Lewis by m00nbutt CM: Ibiza Lewis by BubblyPunkBitch Bully OC Ibiza Lewis by Setsuyami COM: Ibiza Lewis by BellaRayne

Saints Row

- Laina Renee Rosenhaus
Laina Renee by m00nbutt Chibi Request Game - Laina Renee by littleblackmariah

Jet Set Radio

- Trance
Trance for NeXXXusTheUber (comission) by PinkHeart-Manoon

DC Comics

- Stratosphere/Jolene Todd


My OCs With Others:
::Sting's Fangirl:: by Ksterstone :thumb353493297: Request: Neggy and Laina by Nahemii

Other Work Done For Me:
.:Loose Cannon:. by RyanTaylorGirl Contest Prize: Heath Slater Wallpaper by SidTheKid Pink Elephants... by m00nbutt
Lacey Laree Leeland: October 18th, 1987
Stacey Austin: July 13th, 1986
Joanne Xavier: May 31st, 1987
Carly West: October 6th, 1985
Kelly Gervais: June 22nd, 1987
Melissa Erikson:
Alyssa Watermann (Skye Walker): October 14th, 1987
Mackensie Yuengling: Devon Deville
Amelia Marie Dawson (Ami Lea Dawson): 
December 18, 1988
Chelsea Thornton: November 25th, 1994
Marietta Buchanan (Marta Sky): July 4th, 1993
Angelique Deschamps:
Ivanna Tamashevska: 
Jessica Mendes: April 15, 1991
Orlando Rivera (Angelo Azaria):
Kenneth Dalton:
Joseph Montezuma Xavier Rodriguez: March 8th, 2015
Caroline Erikson-Roode: September 14th, 2015

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