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WWE Smackdown    9/21/12

Wells Fargo Center    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“You know that I was backstage at the TD Garden thinking.... WHAT.... STUFF was you on Booker when you made the decision to UNBAN the brogue kick.”, Jocelyn spoke to Alberto Del Rio, who fell victim to the recently reinstated Brogue Kick of Sheamus. Jocelyn’s brown eyes enlarged as she said those words to Del Rio, expressing how dissatisfied she was with General Manager Booker T. “It’s bad enough I had to handle this controversy over it, and pretty much I thought we all had settled it.”

“Then what are YOU gonna do about it?”, Asked the Mexican Aristocrat, who was clearly irate from Night Of Champions. “You saw what happened.... the last second, when I... was on my way to becoming the NEW... World Heavyweight Champion, Booker just had to announce that the brogue kick was reinstated”

    “Dirty, Unlawful, and Inconsiderate of him. You know that stuff like this WOULD... not happen if I was GM in the first place. First of all, Booker KNOWS damn well that the Brogue Kick does serious damage to WHOEVER gets caught in it. Second, the decision WAS impromptu... and I definitely feel that you should have been told in advance Mr. Del Rio, so that is TWO strikes against the Book Man”

Jocelyn then walked over to her personal desk that presides in Booker T’s office to grab a black leather jacket, in which she puts over her colorblock dress, the tank being white, the elastic waist being grey, and the skirt being red. Alberto looked at the end table that was next to the couch, eyeballing a hardcover copy of Booker T: From Prison to Promise as Jocelyn sits down in the chair close to the desk.

“So.... where the hell is Booker?”

   “Somewhere... hopefully coming back sooner rather than later... cause you definitely know you’re not the only one who wants to have a... TALK... with Booker.

Alberto takes a spot on the couch in the office and begins to analyze the overs of the book, eventually shaking his head in disapproval. A few moments later, Smackdown General Manager Booker T shows up.

The GM walks up to Del Rio and says, “Excuse me, Man.” to him, later asking “The hell you doin’ in my office?” Del Rio takes ahold of the book as he stands up to face Booker T. The former WWE champion answers, “I was waiting for you so you don’t go anywhere like you did last Sunday... coward”.


“Apparently yes”, Jocelyn adds as she jumps into the conversation. “Mr. Del Rio claims that you made an awful decision.when you decided to reinstate the Brogue Kick, thus costing him his World Heavyweight Championship match against Sheamus at last Sunday’s Pay-Per-View event, Night of Champions. Now I must ask you, what EXACTLY was your mindset going into making THAT decision?”

Booker would then go on to reply to Jocelyn’s statement as well as Alberto’s. “I’ll tell ya exactly what I was thinking man... I was thinking my investigation was complete, and my findings.. yes, Brogue Kick is dangerous. It’s devastating, but legal. Lemme tell you something, a little advice... you don’t want to get hurt, maybe you should keep your nose out of Sheamus’s business.. alright”

    “kay, but you did it RIGHT before my match. That’s not fair... Booker T...”, Del Rio’s cold eyes still focused on the show’s general manager while Jocelyn looks over at the clipboard that rests in her right hand. In the past, Jocelyn seemed supportive of her superior, but as of now, that does not seem to be the case.

For a moment, there was silence as Booker thought things over. Most likely he was thinking on the impact that decision on the match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

“Okay... I can understand that maybe... it wasn’t fair. I.. I feel bad about that”

With that being said, Del Rio goes on to ask Booker, “Really? So that means... you gonna give me another title opportunity?”


Alberto goes on to nod his head as Booker stares in a slight matter of shock.

   “NAH.. oh HELL no, what YOU need to do man is you need to EARN a shot around here if you want wane... and guess what? Tonight.... it’s your lucky night. You have the chance to do that when you tag up with Dolph Ziggler against Sheamus.... and “The Viper” Randy Orton. How about that?”

An almost infuriated Alberto Del Rio answers in a soft tone, “This is not over”.

    “Yeah, it’s over dawg... there go the door right there”. Booker points the exit to the mexican aristocrat as it appears that he has had enough of Del Rio in his office at the moment. Jocelyn walks up to Booker as Alberto throws the book towards the table, walking backwards towards the exit. As Booker watches Del Rio exit his office, Jocelyn nudges the GM and tells him, “Booker, we need to talk”

Booker turns around to look at his assistant, whom he chose the night of Summerslam. Jocelyn goes on to say to Booker, “Really?, you just HAD to lift the ban off the Brogue Kick, which YOU know can possibly cause serious injury. So Booker, I must suggest that you place the ban on the Brogue Kick once again.”

    “The hell you talkin’ about Jocelyn? As I said, during my investigation, I found out that the Brogue Kick is a devastating maneuver, however... it still qualifies as a legal move in the WWE.”

Jocelyn then rolls her eyes at the 5-Time former WCW Champion to later say, “Then I think we might have some problems....”


Later the same night, Jocelyn was in the backstage area walking towards the entranceway holding her Sumsung Galaxy S3. She was currently in the process in dialing up someone as ‘Written In My Face’ by Jim Johnston and Sean Jenness faintly played in the background.

“Yes, can someone put up Mr. David Otunga on for me?..... Thank you”

Jocelyn looked enraged as her red heels clicked at a faster rate than before. Her brown eyes flaming with anger as she said, “I might end up needing you for a little something”. One of the members of the production crew looked at her as she burst her way through Ziggler, Del Rio, Rodriguez, and Vickie Guerrero. “I will inform you more on this later”.

Jocelyn placed the phone in the pocket of her leather jacket as she told one of the staff, “Play my music now”.

In front of the thousands inside the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia, Sheamus and Randy Orton began to bring their celebration to the turnbuckles. While they were doing this, Sheamus’s theme music was cut off by ‘You Make The Rain Fall’ by Kevin Rudolf. From the backstage area came Jocelyn Ross, the daughter of WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross, and the Assistant General Manager of Friday Night Smackdown.

The in-ring celebration came to a stop as Jocelyn made her way down the ramp towards the ring. Both Sheamus and Randy began to stare at the diva as she walked up the ringside steps. Sheamus maybe was expecting a congratulations from the Oklahoma girl, but when Jocelyn stepped foot into the ring, she walked right up to Sheamus and slapped the irishman across the left side of his face. Once the contact with the face was made, the music in the arena suddenly stopped like a car about to hit a tree on the road. The assistant GM gave a somewhat psychotic look at the World Heavyweight Champion right before she made an exit from the ring, leaving the two superstars, as well as the WWE universe in question.

Something i think I started writing weeks ago....

In this piece.... guess who's not daddy's little girl anymore?
Of course Big Johnny may be gone, but could this be a sign of what is coming on the horizon?

Jocelyn Ross: *neXXXusTheUber (Me)

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